Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Chanukkah

Growing up in NYC, we celebrated many a festival of lights with our friends. This years I had my own small celebration with some help from Trader Joe's. I had their frozen potato latkes. Of course they are much better from scratch, but after working 10 hours, who has time. I served them with applesauce and plain yogurt, but to be honest sour cream is better. They were good, I even made them for the R. family and my little friend L. said, "Do these have onion in them?" "Why?" I asked, "I can just taste it, it is really good." Oh a young foodie.

Cold Cures

So, you might have been wondering where I have been, well, here is a clue:

Chicken soup, the cure for the cold. I keep a small amount of chicken soup in the freezer without the noodles, then cook the noodles in it when needed. This is just chicken stock, leftover chicken, carrots, salt and a box of tissues on the side. If I'm really sick I just have the stock in a coffee cup. I'm over my cold and on to the holiday cheer!