Monday, October 27, 2008

New Coffee Maker

My coffee maker is incontinent. So this, like all matters of small spills, is a delicate matter. My coffee maker (that I'm guessing is from my last Brooklyn house) is at least 15 years old. Well, when it is done brewing that magic black gold for morning, it gives a big sigh and the part with the cone flies open and I get a dribble on the counter. Well, now I think it is time to upgrade.

So, do tell what kind of coffee maker do you have? Do you love it? I know that a few of you have been through a number of different selections, so give me the dish.

Here are a few that I'm considering:

Hamilton Beach BrewStation:
Nick and Alysa have this type and they really enjoy it! I like the idea of not having the warming plate to burn the coffee.

Braun-- Like I have now but upgraded:
I like the idea of the filter for the water. I also would like to wake up with the coffee made. Go with what you know can work.


Today I was at W. house again. Nana's sister is visiting from New Jersey. She brought home made Baklava. This is it! It lasted one minute. It was not too sweet, it was just right. She laughed at me taking a picture of my food, but it was worth it.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Lunch Today

Today I was at my little friend W. house. W. is lucky enough to have his grandmother or Nana to take care of him. Nana is from Albania but is recovering from foot surgery, so that is why I am there. Anyone who has taken care of a 16 month-old knows you have to be quick and on your feet and on them all day.

Nana made lunch today. At the top of the plate is baked stuff eggplant. This was delicious.

Nana said the eggplant was a Turkish eggplant. She pealed strips of the eggplant, sauted in a pan, then stuffed with squash, onions and tomatoes.

At the 6 o'clock position, yes that is okra. The okra was cleaned with salt water, then friend with a little olive oil. The okra is then cooked in beef stock with stewed tomatoes. I am not a huge fan of okra, but I like this and I ate all it.

The last item on the plate is at the 3 o'clock position and is baked red peppers with squash and tomato. This was simple fresh veggies baked with tomato and garlic. While the dished used many of the same ingredients, each one was about fresh veggies and they have different tastes.



I made dinner for my friends Jackie, Brad and Skyler last night, it was a belated birthday present for Jackie. Jackie and I were talking about cooking and food and I mentioned my obsession with trying to not waste food and maximizing my food purchases and she said, start a blog, so here I am. Last night we had a roasted squash and sweet potato soup with herb cream, pot roast with Zinfandel wine, braised carrots and parsnips, swiss chard with lemon and honey, and dessert from Trader's Joe (the tiny apple tarts and the apricot and flan tart). I really liked the carrots and parsnips. The pot roast was good, but I think would have been better if we ate it the day it was cooked. I know that it was cruel to slow cook the pot roast the day before, fill the apartment with that wonderful smell and then take the dinner out and leave my apartment mate to suffer with no food.

So now I have some chicken stock, carrots, and parsnips left over, so my options are, Turkey Sausage Soup with white beans, lentil soup, or something else. Stay tuned!