Friday, October 16, 2009

More Kale-Portuguese Soup

Last week my CSA buddy was out of town, so I got the entire batch of Kale. So, I'm taking a fellow blogger Stash's advice. I made Portuguese Soup. Oh, this was just wonderful. I used Chorizo (a spicy port sausage), potatoes, garlic and onions, and carrots, sauted for few minutes in my dutch oven, then I added turnips (hey more CSA bounty), white beans and very large portion of Kale. Simmered for 25 minutes. I ate two bowls for dinner with a nice sourdough roll and I have a freezer full of the rest. I brought some in to work to share, as this was too good to keep myself. Deb enjoyed her bowl her of soup.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sofra-the cookies-my problem

Okay I am in deep trouble (thanks Sarah) with all cookies from Sofra. This time I went with the daily special of fig serpentine cookie. Phyllo dough wrapped around fresh figs jelly. Oh so good. A nice hot strong tea make the snack perfect.

Better get to the gym to counter act this....

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Casa de Pedro

My girlfriend invited me out for dinner and show last week. I went after work, but the Friday night traffic was so bad, I wasn't sure that she'd make it. We went to Casa de Pedro in Watertown. It was early yet on a Friday night. I sat behind the bar. The place was huge! Since it was a festive night, I started the evening with a watermelon mojito. This was a great! The watermelon, lime and rum with the mint danced on my tongue.

I started with an Empanada, oh this was good, beef cooked to tenderness, covered with flaky dough. I have a fondness for Empanadas from grade school, where there were the hit of school fundraiser made by the Mara the custodian.

The shrimp dish looked great on the menu, lime and cilantro, oh so yummy. While the food was very good, the service was really bad. They had the restaurant divided into sections that left my part in the restaurant equivalent of Siberia.

Day out in Cambridge

I was off a few Sundays ago (feels like ages ago). I wanted to walk around in Central Square in Cambridge and shop at some of my favorite stores (a wonderful Asian grocery and Indian grocery). Off I went with my shopping bags and lilt in my step. I went to my favorite parking spot on the weekends (any Bostonian will tell you that good parking karma is worth your weight in gold). As I walked past the spot where the Asian grocery store used to be....gone (this should have been my cue to exit), but no, I kept on. I had great success at the Indian store. More on those purchase later.

Now I was hungry, so I was going to grab a bite at Green Street Grill. Well, they were not open for brunch, so I thought I'd try the sister restaurant to Sofa Bakery, Oleana. I did call before I walked over there, but alas, they don't serve lunch (we had moved out of the brunch category). Okay, when the tough times hit, you get a cheeseburger. So, I walked to Mr. Bartley's (I could taste the grilled beef and onion rings.) You guessed it, they are not open on Sundays. Now I was getting mad....

So, when the tough get mad, they get dessert. So I went to L.A. Burdick. This is a chocolate house of worship. I was shaking from hunger, so I thought I better get something beside my iced chocolate. I asked the server what was fresh and he recommended the peach (I was so hungry I don't remember if it was crumb cake or cobbler). So, my day was saved with these great treats. So much for being spontaneous.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fabulous Friends and Great Food

A couple of weekends ago, I was lucky enough to get together with my college roommates. I lived in an apartment with six women (and one bathroom). These are some serious friends and when we get together, it is always great company, great food and oodles of laughter. One of best parts of these get togethers is that we have been friends for twenty years and no matter how long we are apart, we fall back into the groove after just a few minutes. For this get together, I must confess I made my standby, (all together now) Peruvian Grilled Chicken. This is a salad that was created with fresh arugula, boiled beats, and feta cheese. I think that Julie and Betsy were responsible, but I could be wrong. I know that what ever we make will only taste better with a side of great girlfriends. Special shout out to my friend Anne who is reading this at work with her lunch. Bon Appetite.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Chicken Soup

So, this week has been long and I've been fighting a cold. I check the fridge and thought I need some chicken soup, so I gathered the veggies on the edge and some frozen chicken for stock. I added fresh veggies, the cooked chicken and some left over noodles. I had three bowls for dinner and I'm ready....for bed. I love fresh soup and hopefully the chicken soup prescription will kick in tomorrow.

Friday, October 9, 2009

A Challenge is Issued!

I have a frient (friend and client) issue me this challenge recently:

"Make the giant bag of frozen veggies from the warehouse club taste palatable." My first thought, puree in a soup, "No" she said, too much work. How about a stir fry? Well they were a bag of stir fry veggies, so where was the challenge in that?....So, I roasted them at 500 degree in two pans one pyrex and one ceramic style one. I added onions, garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper. The goal, to roast out the water and roast in some crunch. I pulled off some water from both pans, but the ceramic one worked better.

The result... from the diners, "Amazing. We used them in burritos, but I also found myself eating them plain. You are a true miracle worker.