Friday, March 26, 2010

Chinese Buns-Pork and Chicken

I have been traveling back to NYC to visit my new nephew. I take the bus between Boston and NYC (the cheapest way to travel). On my last trip, I had a small mix-up, so I missed my regular bus, so I went with the Chinatown-Chinatown bus, well more like the Boston Bus Station to NYC Chinatown bus. The good news, I got to go to NYC Chinatown and get one of my all time favorite foods, Chinese Pork Buns (they now have Chicken Buns as well). Cha Siu Bao was introduced to me by a college buddy from NYC, but we were in school in Cleveland and he asked if I would bring some back from a trip. I had to try one before I made my purchase and I was hooked. For some reason, I can't turn this photo, so tilt your head to the left. I grabbed a honeydew juice make with fresh fruit (and some unknown powder). This was the perfect welcome home snack. The sweet bread is covering up the spicy filling.

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