Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vita Denver-Girls Night Out Part One

So, I try very hard to have a girls night out with my Aunts, cousins, and/or sisters in honor of my Grandmother when I visit Denver. This trip one night out just wasn't going to work for everyone, so we are having two. The first night out was at Vita. We arrive at Happy Hour and on a Tuesday where the wine was 1/2 off for bottles. The mark-up on the wine is crazy so 1/2 off makes it almost reasonable. We were starving, so we started with some appetizers and then each had salad. If you go, do not sit upstairs, it was crazy loud and when we left we were very sorry that we didn't insist on sitting downstairs. Here is what we had starting in the upper left:
  • Trio of Sliders, Kobe Beef, Pulled Pork and Spicy Chicken. Each one of these was a delight and had enough zing to hit a different part of your palette.
  • 7 hour pork--they said this was on tortillas, but the bread was more like a flat bread. This was a Carolina pork, slow cooked, tender and the vinegar was just perfect.
  • Bruschetta with roasted garlic puree, balsamic reduction on perfectly grilled bread with some of the best fresh mozzarella (smooth and creamy).
  • I must confess I forgot the name of the next flat bread dish, it has a very spicy sauce with an aged meat like prosciutto and an aged cheese with pea shoot sprouts. This was very tasty, not sure my dinner mates like it but I did.
  • Don't let this last photo fool you, it was as good as the photo is bad. It was the Grilled Hearts of Romaine Salad Caesar dressing, Grana Padano, house made breadstick, avocado, sweet pepper bacon. This was a festival of all the right flavors. They grilled the lettuce, and the dressing was a thing of beauty.
  • All of the breads were fresh and different. One of those extras that makes a good meal great.
But of course the best part is always the company at Girls Night Out. Love to Linda and Stacey two of my favorite ladies.

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