Sunday, May 31, 2009

Charleston and Spoletto

I have been very fortunate to attend the Spoletto Festival for the past few years. It is a festival of the arts. While I greatly enjoy the arts and have experience some of the best chamber music and dance performances I have seen, I must confess that the food in Charleston is wonderful.

This trip has been just as wonderful as the past one's so far. The first full day here, my crew (from Raleigh, NC and Murfreesboro, TN) went to 82 Queen.

I had, seared sea scallops with roasted apples, sweet potato gnocchi and feta cheese. This was a special appetizer, but I wanted it for dinner. I was a little disappointed, the apples were mushy and the flavors didn't have the connection to each other to hold up.

My friend from Raleigh had the traditional Shrimp and grits. I've had this and it is wonderful. The grits are smooth and creamy and the shrimp is firm with a little kick.

The star of the night was the Salmon Special. It was Seared North American Salmon with harricot verts and red pepper couli. The salmon was so fresh and it tasted light and crisp. Don't you hate when you order the wrong dish? I eat salmon at home and I didn't want to get something plain, oh boy was I wrong!

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