Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Grocery Hand Held Scanner

This is the greatest grocery invention EVER, okay maybe a cart wheel that doesn't go bad is better. But, this is better than self checkout, since you have scan then bag. I don't know if they are nationwide but I'm totally hooked. I bring my own bags and I like to arrange my purchases by temperature in the bags. I grab one of the scanners on the way in, and scan as I go, packing as I go. If I am lucky enough to have a little one with me, they get to hold the scanner, making it a little harder to put the other items that they MUST have in the cart. I do have to careful that they don't scan themselves as that could lead to eye damage. When it is time to check out---voila, you scan the code at the check-out, pay, and leave! There are even specials just for the scanners, but you have check that you really got them. Anyone else love them as much as I do?

In researching this, I found another tool that looks like just as much fun, a scanner for home to make your grocery list. Oh my god. The personal scanner so my grocery list would be made for me. This could come in handy for my clients. More on grocery lists shortly.

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