Thursday, August 6, 2009

Grocery Lists

I love a good list. I've tried the list on the Palm Pilot, I need to try a few iPhone list apps, but what have always loved is the paper grocery list. I started making my list by aisle from my old Park Slope Food Coop days. This is a wonderful place that I used to shop at and then worked at when I lived in Park Slope. In the very old days, you had box that you hunted and gathered your purchases in, so only making one trip down the aisle was key. It has since expanded to the luxury of carts and aisles big enough for two or even three people across.

I make these lists for my clients, and here is my secret, keep your grocery recipts for a few weeks (the best part is that the store already sorts the lists for you in sections. You can then use word or one of the many free web applications (GroceryWiz,, or Freeprintablegrocerylist) The last one you can download the word document and edit it to fit you perfectly.

I have my list set up the four stores that I like to buy from Trader Joe's, Stop and Shop, Russos and Roche Brothers. I know a little nuts, but I try to shop where I am, so I end up with stuff from different stores. I keep one printed on the fridge, so I can mark off what I need before I go. I think I might try to laminiate one and use a grease pencil to save paper.

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Great idea(s)!I'd love a hard core blog on utensils.