Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Girls' Night Out

I am on vacation with my family in Denver. One thing that I love to do is hang out with the girls/women in my family. This started with many a visit to my grandmother Jane, who passed away two years ago. While that was a very sad occasion, girls' night out is always a ton fun. Laughing until you can't breath. My two aunts, Linda and Janet, are funnier than anyone I've ever met. This girls night out only had one of two amigos, but, we did have two of my other wonders girl relatives. We picked a restaurant that looked fun and was going to be even more fun with the company. We went to Lola, and it was wonderful. They have very fun (and serious) drinks. I started with a cucumber drink, with lemon and ginger, different but smooth.


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Anonymous said...

Wish I ha been there(Is the (Trucker egg a Denver thang?)Wearing my mud flap boy tee shirt, speaking of truckers.