Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Girls' Night Out-The Meal

To continue the girls' night review....we went to Lola after our very nice beverages, we went with one of favorite dishes, guacamole. They make table side, oh, nothing better than that. They don't use the molcajete to make the guacamole in, probably for health code reasons. But either way, the guacamole was delish! They even add their name in spice on the top of the bowl.

I had a Chile Rellenos stuffed with eggplant and goat cheese and grilled shrimp on the side and black beans. A new twist on an old favorite.

My cousin had the fried oysters, scallops, salmon and shrimp, topped with a trucker's egg (this is an over easy egg with the edges of the white browned).

For dessert we had the malted milk flan with carmel pop corn. Very good, I enjoyed the mix of the smooth flan with the rough edge of the popcorn. I will go back, to Lola if I get the time on another trip. Girls' night out, great food, better company, laughs all around.

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