Monday, July 13, 2009

Salad Dressings

Since my farm share includes a lot of fresh organic salad greens, salad is a twice-a-day meal item (I even had it for breakfast one day). But it was getting a little old, so I decided to make some new and fresh salad dressings. I had a lot of parsley and cilantro so I started searching using those ingredients. I came up with two, Avocado Ranch Dressing and Fresh Green Apple and Parsley Dressing. Run, run, run I tell you to make these two. If you can only make one, make the Avocado one. I brought in a batch to work to see what other people thought and it got nothing but raves. I took to a clients and they loved it. You can eat in on anything, salad, chips, veggies, sandwiches, wings, off your fingers, or anything.

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Anonymous said...

Testimonial: I've had the real thing, made personally by Susan, and it (avocado ranch) is sensational.