Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Casa de Pedro

My girlfriend invited me out for dinner and show last week. I went after work, but the Friday night traffic was so bad, I wasn't sure that she'd make it. We went to Casa de Pedro in Watertown. It was early yet on a Friday night. I sat behind the bar. The place was huge! Since it was a festive night, I started the evening with a watermelon mojito. This was a great! The watermelon, lime and rum with the mint danced on my tongue.

I started with an Empanada, oh this was good, beef cooked to tenderness, covered with flaky dough. I have a fondness for Empanadas from grade school, where there were the hit of school fundraiser made by the Mara the custodian.

The shrimp dish looked great on the menu, lime and cilantro, oh so yummy. While the food was very good, the service was really bad. They had the restaurant divided into sections that left my part in the restaurant equivalent of Siberia.

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