Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day out in Cambridge

I was off a few Sundays ago (feels like ages ago). I wanted to walk around in Central Square in Cambridge and shop at some of my favorite stores (a wonderful Asian grocery and Indian grocery). Off I went with my shopping bags and lilt in my step. I went to my favorite parking spot on the weekends (any Bostonian will tell you that good parking karma is worth your weight in gold). As I walked past the spot where the Asian grocery store used to be....gone (this should have been my cue to exit), but no, I kept on. I had great success at the Indian store. More on those purchase later.

Now I was hungry, so I was going to grab a bite at Green Street Grill. Well, they were not open for brunch, so I thought I'd try the sister restaurant to Sofa Bakery, Oleana. I did call before I walked over there, but alas, they don't serve lunch (we had moved out of the brunch category). Okay, when the tough times hit, you get a cheeseburger. So, I walked to Mr. Bartley's (I could taste the grilled beef and onion rings.) You guessed it, they are not open on Sundays. Now I was getting mad....

So, when the tough get mad, they get dessert. So I went to L.A. Burdick. This is a chocolate house of worship. I was shaking from hunger, so I thought I better get something beside my iced chocolate. I asked the server what was fresh and he recommended the peach (I was so hungry I don't remember if it was crumb cake or cobbler). So, my day was saved with these great treats. So much for being spontaneous.

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Simply Life said...

I've lived near this area so thanks for the great ideas of where to go!