Monday, February 21, 2011

I can't help myself Buffalo Mozzarella

So, I went to the store armed with a list.  I had been home sick a few days before, so bread was what I really needed to keep things calm.  I was starving (never, never do this, I know this!).  Then I walk by the table, ohhhh, I asked "What is that?", Buffalo Mozzarella, no vinegar in the brine, I had one taste.....
You know where this is going.  It was sweet, creamy, not salty,  and melted on my tongue.   Hey, cheese goes with bread right?

So then I go to bread section, they over baked for the school vacation so buy one get one free. Oh man this bad for me.  Then I see these yellow vine ripe tomatoes, fresh basil after a small backtrack.  I'm done. 

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