Saturday, February 12, 2011

Snow Blindness--Brunch at Masa

 So the snow has beaten us down here in Boston.  I had to get out and about after a week of snow, sleeping over at work. What started out as a trip to Salam for Ice Sculptures and Chocolate, turned into ice sculpting in my driveway, so after I cleaned up for the 2nd time, I just went to brunch in the south end.  I read about Masa in the Boston Globe.  So I was looking forward to trying this place out.  There was some confusion when I arrived.  I opted to sit at the bar, but it was more work that I would have liked, I had to get up to give my order after my neighbors left me their menu.  I also had to ask them to clean off the spot next to me.  But after I got over that,,,,pure joy.
I started with the Caramelized Plantain Empanada / Mexican Cinnamon Cream Cheese.  Oh this was just yummy.  Then came the next course, Santa Fe Style Eggs Benedict Atop Southwestern Biscuits
Avocado, Green Chile Hollandaise and Southwest Home Fries.  The hollandaise was dreamy, with a good amount of lemon and a nice bite.  The pico de Gallo was wonderful, fresh tomato and cilantro and onion. 

I will give the place another try, but sit at a table and see if I can get a ride so I can try one of those great drinks.


Simply Life said...

I ate their once last year and loved it!

eSusan said...

Any other good brunch places you would recomend?