Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I talk to my Dad almost every day.  Many of our conversations are about what to eat or how to prepare something.  When you live alone, you have a different perspective on meals.  I miss the evening family meal, but I can have that with my Dad and our cell phones.  We were talking the other days about pizza and he said that he had been having melts on flat bread as a quick pizza alternative.

So, this started me on the path, nothing is quite like a warm melty sandwich on these cold days.  This is roast beef with some leftover cheese I had in the fridge, cooked in the broiler until yum!

Here is today's sandwich, turkey, muenster cheese, yellow tomato, oil olive and mustard.  So yummy when you know you have to go out and shovel and it gives you a little extra.


Simply Life said...

oh I love this idea- we do "pizza" on a tortilla, flat bread or baguette!

Chef Dennis said...

hi Susan

I'm loving that turkey melt with the yellow tomatoes!! Thanks for making me hungry!

eSusan said...

Chef Dennis,
Thank you, it is one of my favorite dishes and the picture does it justice!