Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ceviche in Orlando

 So to prepare for my trip to Wizzarding World at Universal Studios, my Dad and I went to Ceviche.  After a small GPS malfunction (note to self update maps).  Here are some of the photos of what we ate.  I'm sorry for terrible quality of photos, I just had my phone and we opted to sit at the bar rather than the main room after a 45 minute wait, so the light is perfect for a bar room romance not photography.

Here is a fresh sardine, it was as delicious as this photo is blurry.
 This is a creamy potato salad, with some hot peppers to keep you from getting bored with ho hum potato salad.
 Fresh Bruschetta with olives, the greens were fresh and added a nice touch to this classic dish. 
 Shrimp and scallop ceviche, the signature dish for the restaurant, this was a symphony in your mouth.
I had to get this escargot, with tomato sauce.  It was the perfect combination of sweet meat with spicy sauce.  All the dishes has fresh bread that added to small but powerful plates.

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