Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Le Monde

 So, I was treated to brunch at this upper west side in NYC, "Le Monde."  Here is the yummy cafe au lait, I love the designs that they make with the foam and coffee.

It came in a bowl, with the lions on the side, seriously, cupping a bowl of hot coffee is one of finest ideas that the French have had (many of the others can't be mentioned here due to the family nature of this blog).
So, I love a good eggs benedict, but I like to add my own hollandaise sauce. I get it on the side. Poached eggs are so easy, really, some of my favorite tricks are to add a little acid to the water (lemon juice or  cream of tartar)  Butter or grease the inside of pan so the eggs don't stick.  Swirl the water as you pour the egg into the pan of simmering water.  You can make the eggs a head of time and reheat if you have a crowd for brunch.  Try it at home, it won't be just a restaurant treat.

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