Friday, September 18, 2009

Contest--Cheese Sandwich

Are you ready for a friendly contest? When my friend Brett sang the praises of the simple cheese sandwich I had to raise my own 1/2 lunch to toast the unsung hero of the middle of day energy giver. So here is the 1st Susan's Kitchen Mixer contest. The down and dirty:

Submit your best cheese sandwich idea by Thursday, October 1 st 9 pm (EST). You can post on the blog or email dancingsusan12 at Entries will be judged by Susan, Brett and his family (note young children will have a say) and one judge to be named. Winners will receive a small token from the Susan's Kitchen Mixer prize department. Winners will have their sandwiches made and enjoyed by many, but results are final and the Susan's Kitchen Mixer group is not responsible for bad bread choice or cheese gone bad. Please original entries only and no grilling allowed. Toasting of bread is okay.

On your mark.....get set.....go.......

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eSusan said...

Here is the first entry via email from a Dad of a newborn and 2 year-old:

I gotta tell you my best one is Triple Cream French Brie and Crumbled Gorgonzola In a toaster Oven on Rosemary Olive Oil Bread with fresh tomatoes. -Squish together and enjoy. It is all about finding/ making good bread and the best tomato possible. We happen to have a bakery nearby and the owner studied in France for 10 years or so- great place with a line always out the door- I have never had better bread including the stuff that I make.

Pat--San Diego