Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Waste Not Want Not

I try so hard not to waste food, but it is not always easy. Who has not bought a pack of fresh herbs and had it turn to brown sludge in the crisper drawer since you only needed two teaspoons of it for the great dish. Here are my favorite tips to try and save on food (cooked and uncooked):
  • Buy only what you are going to use, I might spend a little more per pound for fresh meat, but I don't need the Osmond Family size chicken package for just me.
  • Save all old chicken bones and left over cooked chicken in the freezer then make stock out it. (Fresh chicken stock is like gold).
  • Save veggies going over the edge in the freezer for stock.
  • Wash lettuce when you get it and keep in a storage container, it will last longer
  • Group dishes by the fresh items that you buy (I make chicken spinach soup with 1/2 bunch of spinach day one and spinach raspberry salad day two).
  • Cook dishes in smaller containers, eat one and freeze the other.
  • If the item in the store is sold by the pound, only take what you need, you don't have to buy the huge bunch of mustard greens
  • If you buy in bulk, divide the product when you bring it home to manageable sizes. I do this for cheese, tomato puree, tomato paste, pasta, nuts, and milk.
  • Package leftovers so you can use them, I made the lunch portions while I made dinner if I can. I also save little containers of stray items that I use in soups or sauces.
  • Check the fridge and pantry before you shop, use what you have first.
  • Find a buddy to share with if you can't use it, let someone else enjoy it.
Do you have a tip that works for you? Please share with the group.

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